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Sigma-2 fiber

OptogeniX Sigma fibers allow for off-axis light delivery through optical windows realized on the metallized surface of the tapered end.

Having a tip tapered down to sub-micron diameters, they are ideal for minimally invasive optogenetics experiments.

The key feature of Sigma fibers is the possibility to modulate the distribution of light emerging from the windows by using one of OptogeniX Launching Systems.

Standard configuration

Sigma fibers with two emitting windows (Sigma-2 fibers) are provided as a standard probe with the specs reported in the following table.

Use the following form for fast ordering, we will ship you the fibers within two months.


Fiber numerical aperture (NA)


Untapered core diameter (µm)


Untapered total diameter (µm)


Tip-to-first-window-distance d1 (µm)


Inter-window distance d2 (µm)


Coating material



Implant Length (mm)

(other lengths available upon request)

from 0 to 20

Standard Connector

∅1.25mm Ceramic Ferrule


Custom Design

Sigma fibers can be customized in terms of number, position, size, and shape of the optical windows.

Use the custom design form at the bottom of this page to tell us the illumination pattern you need for your experiment.

(from zero to 20 mm - use point for decimal values)
150,00 €

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