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Sigma Fibers

Thanks to the collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), we can operate advanced microfabrication processing to realize micro- and nano-machined tapered-fiber probes with optical apertures of different shape and size. These probes, called Sigma Fibers, have even more versatile light delivery/collection capabilities than bare tapered fibers.

Here’s some examples [1]:

Light emission geometry is dictated by the shape and position of the optical windows realized in the metal layer that covers the fiber. Selective activation of the optical windows can be obtained with specific configurations. Here’s below an example with a two-windows Sigma fiber used to deliver light selectively to two different layers of the mouse cortex [2].

Sigma fibers are customizable. Contact us if you have a specific application idea in mind. We’ll do our best to satisfy your experimental needs.

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