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Tapered fibers
for neuroscience

Optical and electrical interfacing with the brain

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New frontiers

in neuroscience

OptogeniX develops, produces and sells innovative devices for optical and electrical interfacing with the brain with revolutionary versatility and minimized invasiveness, overcoming the limitations of devices currently available on the market.

The proprietary design of OptogeniX probes provides a unique approach for Optogenetics and Fiber Photometry experiments, allowing for uniform large-volume illumination and spatially addressable light delivery with extremely thin and sharp optical fibers.


OptogeniX technology is based on tapered fibers

Versatile light delivery and collection with two modes of operation


Full Taper Operation

Interfacing with large volumes of tissue
In standard operation light is delivered/collected by the entire taper surface.

Site Selective Operation

Multi-site experiments with a single probe
By uncoventional light delivery strategies, light delivery/collection is restricted to sub-portions of the taper.


Optical and Electrical

interfacing with the brain

Lambda Fiber Cannulae

Lambda fibers are bare tapered fibers provided as implantable fiber cannulae.

Sigma Fibers

Sigma fibers are micro-fabricated tapered fibers custom-designed to match to your experimental needs.


LambdaTrodes are optrodes realized by the integration of a single microelectrode on a Lambda fiber.


OptogeniX equipment is designed to realize site selective Optogenetics or Fiber Photometry experiments with tapered fiber probes.

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Lambda Fiber Cannulae

Lambda fibers are provided in packs of five implantable cannulae.


LambdaTrodes are provided in a standard package for acute experiments.


We provide equiment  to realize site selective experiments with OptogeniX probes.

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