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Magic Box

Magic Box is an opto-mechanical tool designed to perform in vivo site-selective fiber photometry with OptogeniX tapered fibers (in particular with Lambda fibers) in combination with a launching system for site-selective light delivery (e.g. the ThetaStation) and third parties light sources and photodetectors.
Site-selective fiber photometry is the combination of site-selective light delivery and whole-taper fiber photometry with the same tapered fiber. 

Magic Box is inserted in the path between the launching system and the tapered fiber without altering the site-selective functionality, and allows to deliver to a photodetector the light collected by the active length of a Lambda fiber. 

Magic Box and ThetaStation combined can be easily integrated with either third parties or home-made Fiber Photometry systems.

NB: Magic box is designed for use with 0.39 or lower NA tapered fibers.

Total transmission efficiency decreases with the position of the ThetaStation micrometric screw from 0mm to end of working range2. Values of maximum total transmission efficiency achieved with a specific light source and recommended input patch cord and light delivery fiber types are reported in the table below and can be used as a reference for estimating the transmission efficiency achievable with other light sources with wavelength in the 400 – 490nm interval.

Download the Magic Box User Guide for more information.

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