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ThetaStation is an opto-mechanical tool designed to perform site-selective light delivery with OptogeniX tapered fibers. Selection of the emitting sub-region of a Lambda fiber (or the active optical window of a Sigma fiber) is achieved by manual operation of a micrometric screw.

Position and size of light emitting sub-regions of Lambda fibers (or windows emission properties of Sigma fibers), and transmission efficiency need to be calibrated as a function of the micrometer screw position

NB: LASER sources are recommended for Optogenetic stimulation. Transmission efficiency decreases with the position of the micrometric screw from 0mm to end of working range. Values of maximum transmission efficiency achieved with a specific laser source and recommended input patch cord and output fiber types (NA/core size) are reported in the table below and can be used for estimating the transmission efficiency achievable with other laser sources with wavelength in the 400 - 490nm interval.

The last column in the table reports for each listed configuration the input power required for 1mW/mm2 emission out of a Lambda fiber having the same NA/core size of the output fiber, and at 0mm position of the micrometric screw.

General recommendations
- Use a Single Mode (SM) input patch cord for best transmission efficiency;
- The use of a low NA/small core input patch cord gives acceptable transmission efficiency;
- Transmission efficiency increases with both NA and core size of the output fiber. Therefore, small diameter tapered fibers should be preferred only for their reduced invasiveness.

ThetaStation can also be used in combination with OptogeniX Magic Box to perform site-selective fiber photometry

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Download the ThetaStation User Guide

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