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LEAD TIME: from 2 to 4 months depending on the configuration

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The complete GalvoStation system consists of the GalvoStation (1), its power supply (2), one or two laser drivers (3), a DAQ board (optional, 4), and a photodetector (optional, 5). A set of patch fibers and all the cables needed are supplied with the system, accordingly to the chosen configuration.


Detailed list of accessories:

  • Two 2m long D-Sub15 cables.
  • One probe patch cord (SMA905 to ferrule).
  • One sensor patch cord (SMA905 to FC/PC).
  • Three 0,5m long BNC cables.
  • Four 2,0m long BNC cables.
  • Three BNC-Tee adapters.
  • One 2m long 3 pin DIN cable.
  • Three C13 AC cable.
  • One DAQ power supply.


A starter kit is also included. It is composed by: one 5pack of Lambda-plus fibers (fiber type and stub specifications as defined by the customer, including one calibration slide); one probe patch cord (same fiber type of the Lambda-plus fibers); one sensor patch cord.
In case a rotary joint is to be used, an additional patch cord will be provided with connectors specified during the order.

Probe patch cords provided with the equipment are recommended for optimal use with Lambda-plus fibers and TaperScan software.
Contact us to re-order Lambda-plus fibers and GalvoStation probe patch cords.

The sensors patch cord provided with the GalvoStation is based on a high Numerical Aperture fiber for suitable use with the photodetector optionally included. In case of use with your own photodetector, please consult manufacturer’s guidelines for selection and purchasing of the photodetector patch cord.

GalvoStation User Manual






GalvoStation can be equipped with one or two laser sources and optionally includes an optical path for combined light delivery and collection.

Laser wavelength options: 405nm; 473nm; 561nm.
Collection bands: 500nm-550nm or 600nm-650nm.

A suitable DAQ board can be optionally purchased together with the GalvoStation to guarantee full compatibility with TaperScan.
DAQ boards available: NI USB-6341 or NI USB-6343.

A suitable photodetector can be optionally purchased together with the GalvoStation.
Photodetector available: Newport 2151 Femtowatt Silicon Photoreceiver.

Custom configuration

If you need options not available, fill the form below and we will contact you back with a feasibility confirmation.





Lambda-plus fibers

Axial resolution of site selective light delivery/collection with Lambda fibers is represented by the sub-site length.

Regular Lambda fibers are provided with strict tolerance (5%) on the active length, while coarser tolerance is allowed on the taper profile. Although taper profile variability has no practical influence on light emission/collection properties in full taper operation, it does affect the variability of the sub-site length both within (intra) the single Lambda fiber and among (inter) fibers with the same nominal active length. Lambda-plus fibers are Lambda fibers selected with strict tolerance on both taper length and taper profile, and optimized for use with the GalvoStation with guaranteed constant sub-site length both intra and inter fibers. Control on the position of the emission site is guaranteed with a ±100µm tolerance within the same batch of Lambda-plus fibers.

Lambda-plus fiber available specs
Active Length
[Sub-site length]: 1mm [400μm]; 1.5mm [500μm]; 2mm [600μm]

Each Lambda-plus fiber batch is shipped with a calibration slide.

Lambda-plus fiber specs are guaranteed only when using GalvoStation probe patch cords.

Contact us to re-order Lambda-plus fibers and GalvoStation probe patch cords.





TaperScan software

TaperScan software is available for full control of the GalvoStation. It allows to select the active sub-site of the Lambda fiber, the operating laser source and its optical power level. Two modes of operation are implemented: manual mode for direct manual control of the spatial selective light emission from a Lambda fiber, and protocol mode, with which it is possible to program both single source (e.g. for Optogenetic stimulation) and dual source (e.g. for Fiber Photometry with isosbestic control) stimulation routines. TaperScan supports the input from two digital TTL ports to record the occurring of event.

TaperScan user manual
TaperScan setup
Lambda-plus fiber calibration macro
Lambda-plus fiber calibrator setup

TaperScan End User License Agreement
Lambda-plus fiber calibrator End User Licence Agreement