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ThetaStation is an opto-mechanical tool designed to perform spatial selective light delivery with OptogeniX Lambda fibers.

ThetaStation allows to confine and manually scan the light emitted by a Lambda fiber at sub-sites of its active length. By doing so, sub-portion of the tissue region where the Lambda fiber is implanted can be independently probed: this capability gives access to an additional degree of freedom during optogenetics experiments, which has particular relevance when readout techniques extending along one axis are used simultaneously with the site-selective light delivery (e.g. linear microelectrode array).

General recommendations:

  • Laser sources are recommended for the use of ThetaStation.
  • Use a Single Mode (SM) input patch cord for best transmission efficiency.
  • Position and size of light emitting sub-regions of Lambda fibers, and transmission efficiency need to be calibrated as a function of the micrometer screw position.

ThetaStation User Manual

Lambda-plus fibers

Axial resolution of site selective light delivery/collection with Lambda fibers is represented by the sub-site length.

Regular Lambda fibers are provided with strict tolerance (5%) on the active length, while coarser tolerance is allowed on the taper profile. Although taper profile variability has no practical influence on light emission/collection properties in full taper operation, it does affect the variability of the sub-site length both within (intra) the single Lambda fiber and among (inter) fibers with the same nominal active length. Lambda-plus fibers are Lambda fibers selected with strict tolerance on both taper length and taper profile, and optimized for use with the GalvoStation with guaranteed constant sub-site length both intra and inter fibers. Control on the position of the emission site is guaranteed with a ±100µm tolerance within the same batch of Lambda-plus fibers.

Lambda-plus fiber available specs
Active Length
[Sub-site length]: 1mm [400μm]; 1.5mm [500μm]; 2mm [600μm]

Lambda-plus fiber specs are guaranteed only when using GalvoStation probe patch cords.

Contact us to re-order Lambda-plus fibers and GalvoStation probe patch cords.




Weight (kg): 2.3
Enclosure material: Aluminium 5052-H32
Source Port FC/PC or FC/APC
Probe Port: SMA or FC/PC
IEC protection class Classe III
Max Input Optical Power 500mW

Video resources

Getting started with the ThetaStation


Calibration routine


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