Lambda-plus Fiber Cannula (5pack)

N.B: Total fiber length = Active length + Implant length

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Lambda fibers are provided with strict tolerance (5%) on the active length, while coarser tolerance is allowed on the taper profile. Although taper profile variability has no practical influence on light emission/collection properties in full taper operation, it does affect the variability of the sub-site length both within (intra) the single Lambda fiber and among (inter) fibers with the same nominal active length.

Lambda-plus fibers
are Lambda fibers selected with strict tolerance on both taper length and taper profile for a constant sub-site length among fibers of different batches, and are strongly recommended to GalvoStation and ThetaStation users.

N.B.: Lambda-plus fiber specs are guaranteed only when using OptogeniX patch cords provided with the equipment.




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