Lambda Fiber Cannula (5pack)

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N.B: Total fiber length = Active length + Implant length
(See also Description tab below)

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Lambda fibers are provided in packs of five implantable fiber cannulae defined by the Fiber Type (i.e. numerical aperture and core size of the untapered optical fiber), the Active Length, the Implant Length, and connector type:

To switch from your flat-end fiber with length L to the Lambda fiber, you need a Lambda fiber with Implant Length= L and to select the Active Length which best matches the size of your target area.


Download LightSpread software to estimate how the light emitted by a Lambda fiber is distributed in the brain tissue [1, 2].

[1] L. Wang, et al., “MCML—Monte Carlo modeling of light transport in multi-layered tissues“, Computer Methods and Programs in biomedicine (1995).
[2] J. M. Stujenske, et al., “Modeling the spatiotemporal dynamics of light and heat propagation for in vivo optogenetics“, Cell Reports (2015).



Fiber type (Numerical Aperture / core diameter)

0.22NA / 105µm

0.39NA / 200µm

0.66NA / 200µm

Active length * (mm)
*Nominal active length values are met if i) the numerical aperture of the light launch/collection system matches the numerical aperture of the fiber stub, and ii) the patch cord employed has the same specifications -both NA and core size- of the fiber stub.

0.5; 1; 1.5

0.5; 1; 1.5; 2; 2.5; 3

0.5; 1; 1.5; 2; 2.5; 3

Implant length (mm)

up to 20mm
any value in steps of 0.1mm 

any value in steps of 0.5mm 


cLCF – Φ1.25mm, 6.4mm long ceramic ferrule

sLCF – Φ1.25mm, 6.4mm long ceramic ferrule with slot

mLCF – Φ1.25mm, 6.4mm long metal ferrule

cFCF – Φ2.5mm, 10.5mm long ceramic ferrule

mFCF – Φ2.5mm, 12.7mm long metal ferrule




Patch Cords

For standard (full taper) operation use a patch cable with the same specifications of the tapered fiber to be employed in the experiment.

Recommended patch cables:

– for 0.22NA and 0.39NA tapered fibers:

Thorlabs patch cable configurator (part numbers: FG105UCA or FT200UMT, respectively)

– for 0.66 tapered fibers:

Plexon starter kit configurator or Plexon contact form

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